I’m Helena Samyciawood

I am a 15-year-old actor with a passion for TV and film.

My face and resume

Here are my headshots and resume. Learn more about my acting experience, training and skills.

My three

I believe a simple three answers can tell you a lot about a person.

Answers to questions like: What three experiences will you never forget? What three objects do you treasure? Which three songs inspire you?


My passion for acting

Since a young age, I have been fascinated with acting.

I have attended acting and audition training courses, and three seasons of Shakespeare and modern acting camps (download my resume below for full details). Moving forward, I am focussing on acting in TV & Movies and looking for representation.

I find it essential to watch, learn and be inspired by classic movies. I am currently working my way through the top 100 IMDB watchlist.

Inception, Brooklyn 99, Manifest, Warrior Nun, Wednesday, One day at a time, Once upon a time, Bullet Train, The man from Toronto, Free guy, Do revenge, The Adam project, Senior year, His Dark Materials, and Wynonna Earp.


My love for music

Music, for me, is a source of fun, inspiration and a great way to express my creativity.

Writing music, playing instruments and singing lessons inspire me daily and are great ways of expressing how I feel.

My playful side

Are you a teenager who has annoying parents? Continually being told to get off your phone, tidy your room or get more sleep?

This is a fun script my Dad and I wrote for a TV commercial audition at iPop. We could have stopped there, but instead a whole website was created.

My Instagram

See more of me, as well as my growing love for photography.


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